Asas Outsource was established in January 2015, to provide Premium Out- Tasking support for Civil Engineering services to our customers in the Asia Pacific

• Distinctive rapid delivery

Provision of support Civil Engineering services.

Established rapid service delivery practices with Australian standards and best practices.

• Cost-effective

Asas Malaysia is located in the Top 5 countries for offshore outsourcing, according to Gartner’s report (Dec 2013).

Generate offshore savings for customer to improve overall cost effectiveness.

• Knowledge & Experts

Good mix of resources capable of handling a variation of engineering support services.

Mature management team.

Potential competency center specialized in Customer and Industry specifics.

• Depth of talent

Malaysia produces 145,000 graduates a year with English, Mandarin and Malay speaking capability.

Maintained Skilled pipeline of industry experience.

Strong Government support in talent developing using HR Development Fund.